Trees EN

Trees EN 1000 1000 phanatique
A fantastic experience in Indonesia … sports, games plus yoga classes for the little ones. The project (with super nice people) was more focused on English lessons, especially important for the youth. Out of my comfort zone! An enrichment for the children and myself. Volunteering was an unforgettable experience!

Hans en Shahide EN

Hans en Shahide EN 333 250 phanatique

In eight weeks we have ticked various subjects in English classes and we have given music lessons (keyboard, ukulele, recorder, dance) and singing lessons. In our point of view the biggest and only difference between people, is the place where you were born in this world. The need for love, attention, health, development and appreciation is just as present as here.

We are happy and grateful that we have been able to contribute to this and would most definitely like to come back again!

Laurence EN

Laurence EN 3066 1212 phanatique

I would like to thank Go Pure for the fantastic experience that I have gained! I got to know a beautiful country, the very nice culture and fantastic people (both locals and other volunteers!). It was certainly a successful experience that I will share with others!


Silke EN

Silke EN 327 327 phanatique

Beautiful Bali, someone take me back please ?! By far the most beautiful experience ever. A beautiful culture, so completely different to want I’m used to, so unique. I really miss it now, if I could, I immediately got on the plane and travel back again. “Forever my second home”

Tara EN

Tara EN 233 234 phanatique

I have learned to be more patience, much more that I used to be. And I can let go of things that would influences my self being quit quickly and accept the fact that things are not going how you think the might go. Looking back on the experience I’m amazed by the fact that I was used to the circumstance quit quickly.

Sophie EN

Sophie EN 854 854 phanatique

My internship in Mauritius was really the time of my life! I had worked for a tour operator and I got the chance to explore the whole island as well. Mauritius is a paradise with a fantastic nature, great culture and incredibly friendly people. And I can wholeheartedly recommend an internship in Mauritus to everyone!

Olivier EN

Olivier EN 1334 1001 phanatique

The patiënts could not speak that much English, which is why I started to learn Nepalese at a certain moment. My host family had a Nepali – Dutch dictionary, and they also enjoyed helping me. My colleagues also helped me with certain sentences. It was really appreciated, also by the patients. I really enjoyed it. It was a journey of a lifetime.

Niek EN

Niek EN 640 478 phanatique

It is so nice to see that you do not need much to be happy and that actually a smile from a other person can do a lot with you. These children, but also in general the people in the Siem Reap community, give us the example of what is important in life now. And in particular this has made a huge impression on me.

Estella EN

Estella EN 960 640 phanatique

I learned a lot from this trip. I know now that enough is enough and I do not always have to have obtain it anymore. When I have the chance again, I’d like to go back, to see my new friends and to be able to teach again In Bali, a country a fell in love with.

Lotte EN

Lotte EN 600 801 phanatique

My internship abroad in Cape Town has not only made a huge contribution to my professional development, but especially to my personal development and the way I look at the world! The beauty of nature, the vibrant city and nightlife and the cheerfulness of its inhabitants contrast sharply with the still prevailing poverty and turbulent history. All in all, with an internship in Cape Town you will learn a lot about South Africa and about yourself and meet many people as locals and other interns!

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