Developing talents and broadening your horizons

Go Pure is a journey to self-development and is originated from a pure passion for travel and discover the unknown. It’s our belief that this will lents to an open perspective of the world and broaden your horizons. Along the way you will discover different cultures and experience the beautiful nature certain countries have. You will discover talents within yourself that you might not even thought you possessed. Through your efforts you develop other people inner talents that will greatly enrich yourself personally and professionally as well. This process is what Go Pure stands for. When you choose for Go Pure, you will follow your dreams and discover in which certain way you can make a difference.

Experience and enjoy!

We are discoverers and we believe in the power of encounters. We want to see, believe and experience what is pure. Go Pure is a committed and personal organization for the adventurer and discoverer. Together we work on development, we strive for a common goal and create valuable memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. It all starts with the willingness to consider new ideas and to push boundaries. Go!

Is it your dream of being a volunteer in countries abroad? Do you opt for a challenging internship anywhere in the world? Or would you rather go on one of our Expedition trips? It will make for a fantastic experience!

You will experience a ‘different’ world and thereby learn to see things into perspective and appreciate what is. It’s are understanding you will learn to be open and you will encounter special meetings and develop new friendships. You will see the experience miracles and feel happiness. You learn to be resilient and to find your own solutions through patience, flexibility and independence. These experiences bring you closer to the core in who and what you are. We believe it brings you closer to yourself. This enriches you and makes you wiser nonetheless.

Are you a student looking for a unique internship abroad? Have you recently graduated and want to see something of the world? Or are you a professional who has the courage to take a sabbatical and want to play a different role of meaning in life? Are you on a retirement and you want to play a role off significance? Or are you simply a person who wants to give something back to the world and wants to enjoy and experience in life?

In short: Go Pure is for everyone who is open to new discoveries.

We will be more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We will inform you about our projects accordingly and together we can see which project suits you best. Visit one of our information days around the country, where you can ask all your questions. Will it not be possible to be present on one of the information days? Then we can make an appointment to meet one and other, or too communicate with modern communication tools such as Skype, Facetime and telephone call, naturally.

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Ytsje-Janne (Janne) Wijbrandi

Education luggage: Master, coaching kids/youth
Travel mates: Folkert, Melle & Pepijn
Favorite destination: Bali
First far journey: Australia
Future travel: Sri Lanka or Cambodia
Always in my suitcase: flip-flops
Roadmusic: Jennifer Nettles
Unforgettable: homestay locals

Linne van Donkelaar

Education luggage: Bachelor Communication
Travel mates: solo
Favorite destination: Botswana
First far journey: America
Future travel: Malasia
Always in my suitcase: camera
Roadmusic: roadtrip music
Unforgettable: walking safari

Rosita Kuiper

Education luggage: Bachelor IBL
Travel mates: parents and friends
Favorite destination: New York
First far journey: New York
Future travel: Asia (China)
Always in my suitcase: Q&A a Day
Roadmusic: Odesza
Unforgettable: roadtrip Marocco
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